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Salt Health and Beauty Tips Revealed

Salt has many powerful anti-bacterial properties and has long been thought to draw out impurities. In the past, pain and swelling was relieved with packs made with heated salt, whilst hot compresses containing salt helped to reduce infection and inflammation. From cleaning teeth, to exfoliating skin, reducing eye puffiness and relieving itchy skin, salt beauty tips and tricks will leave you looking your best, without having to spend a fortune…. Read Article →

7 health and beauty tips for surviving the festive season

Stay hydrated this festive season In the winter, the cold air means that we tend to lose more moisture, so it’s important to keep drinking water to keep your skin plumped up. And drinking plenty of water before bed is also the best way to help your body repair itself overnight. Especially after a Christmas party that’s left you worse for the wear! Take care of your hair Whatever your… Read Article →

Health & Beauty Tips

    What is happening around us? Why do you always want to see things around us? Look at yourself in the mirror for some time. How good do you look? It is good you have an old snap of yourself. Please compare yourself with the old you. How healthy do you look? Check on your eyes, lips, skin, nails, hair and body mass. Looking gorgeous? All intact? Then you… Read Article →