The Gifting 2018


I know it will be too cliché but trust me when your woman receives tons of flower bouquet on this very special day, she definitely will feel like some movie star. You can buy a potted plant or a beautiful arrangement of freshly-cut or pressed flowers.This is one women’s day gift ideas which always seems to work. Do not forget to buy a potted plant or arrangement of pressed flowers few days before the Women’s Day. This simple tip can save your few bugs.

women's day gift ideas-flowers

If your mom or girlfriend does not like flowers, opt for a chocolate flowers bouquet of daisies, tulips, rose etc. That will be the tastiest bouquet they have ever received.

Whether you’re planning an event, conference, trade show, meeting, or just want to say “thank you” to a client, giving a gift that someone will actually appreciate is key. From gift items branded with logos to gift baskets and gift bag swag ideas, we have the scoop on the latest corporate gift trends.

The small gift allowance

Gifts of no more than £250 to individual recipients per tax year are excluded from inheritance tax (and are not counted toward the £3000 annual gift exemption). This is particularly useful for those with large families.

For example, someone with 10 grandchildren could give each of them £250 annually and the gifts would not be taken into account in calculating the value of their estate.

Again the small gifts exception exists for individuals so both grandparents could give £250 to each grandchild if they wished.

Small gifts of up to £250 are not counted toward the £3000 annual exemption – although you cannot combine a small gift with the annual exemption and give an individual £3,250.

If you did and were to die within seven years of making the gift then £250 (i.e. the part in excess of your allowance) of it would be added back into the value of your state for the calculation of IHT/use of the allowances available to an estate on death.

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