Women’s day gift ideas

A movie or a book collection

 If you want to be different from the crowd, try gifting some empowering books or a movie collection to your woman. Every time it’s not necessary that women feel happy only after applying MAC foundation on their face. You can take a break from women’s day gift ideas which comprises of makeup and expensive eye shadows palette. These books and movies can truly help your woman explain the significance of W Day.

women's day gift ideas-A book or movie collection

Woman-empowerment e-books and Feminist literature like Room of ones Own by Virginia Woolf,  The Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer, and The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf can be a great gift. All these non-fiction or fictionized monograph can help women understand that how women from centuries are struggling to fight with the norms of consumerist and judgemental society. You can also make your own empowering smash book through motivational pictures, powerful quotes, and infographics.

You can gift him DVD’s of movies like  Silkwood,  North Country, and  Made in Dagenham etc. These flicks are a perfect example of how an ordinary woman became extraordinary and fought for their beliefs, against male colleagues at the workplace, against the blatant violation of worker safety measures, and against gender discrimination etc.

Ladies only get-together

This is one of the unique women’s day gift ideas if you want to do something outdoors for all the favorite ladies in your life. You can plan for a ladies-only party and make arrangement for food/drinks and entertainment. You can even ask ladies to bring some of their best food items to the party table so that everyone can taste something unique. This idea also enables you to bring all your family women together on this special day and they can have an experience of nice family get-together too after a long time.


Handmade crafts

You can either buy handmade stuff from local artisans or can hop over to some handicrafts websites on the internet. These websites are full of unique women’s day gift ideas and you will never have the problem again in buying gifts on W Day for your woman. There are so many things which you can choose from house décor to jewelry etc. You can even show your creativity and make something by getting inspired by handmade crafts items. There is still a time for women day and this tip can help you save money too.


Shopping from non-profit organizations

In our traditions rich country, there is still one stratum of women which feel victimized by the patriarchal social values. You can show your gratitude towards them by purchasing ethnic clothing or homemade snacks manufactured by women self-help groups or rural women’s cooperatives. You can begin from Indian state emporia. Supporting downtrodden women instead of shopping malls can be one of the thoughtful women’s day gift ideas.

Do-It-Yourself or DIY women’s day gift ideas

 If you want to express your emotions by indulging in some creative gifts making, do it. No expensive gift in this world can truly contain your emotions as your own handmade gift. You can put together a unique beauty gift baskets. Just keep a color choice or any theme in your mind and go to the supermarket to buy items like cute soaps, candles, bath salts etc. Place all your items nicely in a basket and wrap the basket with colorful cellophane paper with a big bow on the top.

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